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Baikonurov Yerden Galymovich  

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Address: 100600, Zhezkazgan, Alashakhan ave.,

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1. Main goals and objectives
1.1. The purpose of the Center for Science and Innovation.

The main goal of the Central Research Institute is to increase scientific potential in accordance with trends in the development of international cooperation in the field of education, establish links with foreign educational organizations, conclude agreements on cooperation in the field of education, unite the efforts of students and young scientists of the university and all interested parties in the development of science, organize research work of students. As well as the implementation of the policy, goals of the University, the goals of the Central Research Institute in the field of quality, the development of scientific activities of the university, taking a worthy part in the cultural, social, economic and political life of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.2. Objectives of the Center for Science and Innovation:

The tasks of the Central Research Institute include:

preparation of strategic and other plans for the university’s research activities;
coordination of the work of departments on conducting scientific research on a state budget and contractual basis, together with various organizations, enterprises and institutions for the participation of teaching staff in competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other ministries of research;
implementation of methodological guidance, information services on registration, obtaining a pre-patent and patent for an invention, as well as inventive and rationalization work of departments, laboratories;
formation of a group of specialists for the technical and economic analysis of scientific research, with the preparation of proposals for the implementation of the results of completed works;
participation in the modernization of existing and creation of new problematic research laboratories;
implementation of accounting and reporting on scientific research and the results of their implementation in production and educational process;
presentation of fundamental and applied research topics in competitions for national and international grants;
organization and holding of international, republican, regional scientific and practical, scientific and theoretical conferences;
implementation of scientific cooperation with other institutions and organizations;
guidance on the protection of priority and copyright of works performed at the level of discoveries, inventions and rational proposals;
preparation for the issue of the scientific journal “Vestnik ZHEZU”;
1.3. Research work with students:
conducting student Olympiads in disciplines and specialties, scientific conferences, seminars and research;
students’ participation in state budget and contractual work of departments;
students’ participation in international, national conferences, competitions;
organization of work on the participation of the best student scientific papers in international and national competitions;
publication of the works of young scientists;
2. The history of formation:

The Department of Science and Postgraduate Education was renamed the Center for Science and Innovation by Order No. 15 dated 02/28/2018.

3. Functional responsibilities
3.1. The functional responsibilities of the Central Research Institute include:
general management and control of the organization of scientific and research work of departments in accordance with the charter of the JSC, regulatory and instructional documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders and orders of the President-Rector;
preparation of reports related to the work of the department in the scope of functional responsibilities;
ensuring control over the performance of work on time;
organization of registration of scientific cooperation agreements with other institutions and organizations;
organization and control of scientific conferences on the basis of Zhezkazgan University;
control over the preparation of cost estimates, preparation of annual plans;
control over the conclusion of agreements with organizations and institutions for conducting scientific research;
organization and control of the university’s research activities, including departments, a business incubator and other problem laboratories, current and long-term planning of contractual and state budget works;
filling in and submitting materials to the scientific and technical information center on research, contractual works and state budget topics, information and statistical reports to higher organizations;
preparation of annual reports on the performance of scientific research;
control of reporting on scientific trips;
registration and submission of personal files of undergraduates to the archive;
cooperation with the City Museum and Archive;
preparation of reports on research work among students;
ensuring the development of the technical base of the center and information services, the introduction of new methods and training of information processing tools;
development of the most promising scientific areas;
development of scientific and technical cooperation with other universities;
ensuring optimal interaction of the center with other structural units;
direct subordination to the President-Rector;
maintaining the quality management system in working order.

List of employees:


Akhmetova G.R.

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