SCHEDULE of creative exams and consultations

Responsible Secretary of the Admissions Committee Saparbek Zhanerke Akhanovna will answer your questions:






«Pedagogy, psychology and philology»

Umirbekova Aizat Kampitovna

+7 747 385 1329



Torebayeva Asyl Orazbekkyzy

+7 771 192 2287


«Physical education and fine arts»

Suleimen Mahabbat Bolatbekkyzy

+7 771 273 7523


«Mining, metallurgy and natural science» 

Kalieva Gulnar Sadykovna

+7 777 295 2525



Sharipova Nazgul Abylkhasymovna

+7 701 159 7580



Berkeev Asanali Shotaevich

+7 777 048 3168


«Power industry and labor protection» 

Azhibekova Sandugash Islamovna

+7 777 407 5130



Balkhaeva Zarina Asylbekkyzy

+7 747 960 8729


«Technological machines and construction»

Sarsembaev Dinmukhamed Zhakupovich

+7 777 889 9801


  Sargulzhina Ainur Asembekovna +7 776 525 3748


«History of Kazakhstan, economics and law» Akbergenova Akmaral Kaisarovna +7 776 576 8080

Information about UNT

Information about threshold scores in the UNT
On approval of the state educational order for the training of personnel with higher and postgraduate education, as well as technical and professional, post-secondary education in educational organizations financed from the republican budget (with the exception of educational organizations that train personnel for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other troops and military formations , as well as special state bodies), for 2021 - 2022, 2022 - 2023, 2023 - 2024 academic years
On approval of the size of the admission quota for admission to study in educational organizations that implement educational programs of technical and vocational, post-secondary and higher education
On the distribution of the state educational order for the training of personnel with higher and postgraduate education in the context of groups of educational programs for 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024 academic years
Rules for awarding an educational grant
Awarding educational grants, as well as providing social support to students in higher education organizations
On approval of the list of groups of educational programs determining social and economic rural development, on which a quota for admission to the organizations of higher and post-graduate education of the Republic of Kazakhstan is provided
Instructions for determining the compliance of areas of education with organizations of higher and postgraduate education when people enter magistracy and doctoral studies
Compliance classifier of related groups of educational programs of higher education and specialties of technical and vocational, post-secondary education
On approval of the Rules for awarding children and youth of fourteen to twenty-nine years old with a merit badge for their shown patriotism and social activism

✅Detailed instructions for registering for the UNT are presented in this video:

PK ru1 

Good luck! 

The UNT threshold score for participation in the competition for the award of an educational grant in pedagogical areas has been increased to 75 points

To participate in the competition for the award of an educational grant or for enrollment on a fee basis, the following threshold scores are set:

"Pedagogical Sciences" - at least 75 points;

"Health and social security (medicine)" - at least 65 points;

"Agriculture and bioresources", "Veterinary" - at least 60 points;

For admission to national universities - at least 65 points, to other universities - at least 50 points.

First we recommend you to get acquainted with the Rules of Admission to JSC "Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University" for admission to bachelor’s degree and master’s degree
Here you will find information for citizens of foreign countries, who wish to enter Zhezkazgan University
Here you can find a list of groups of academic programmes (AP) of bachelor’s degree and mastersdegree at Zhezkazgan University
You need to provide a set of documents to the admission office on time
You may need this information

Address of admission office:

100600, Zhezkazgan, Alashakhana Avenue, 1B,

cab. №108 В, Main building of ZhezU
Phone number of admission office:
+7 (7102) 41-04-61

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