Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University 

ZhezU student with all responsibility accepts these norms of the code and undertakes to follow them. ZhezU student conscientiously treats learning and all forms of knowledge control, complies with accepted learning standards.

ZheU student must not:

  • receive, provide, use assistance during the passing of an exam, completing an assignment or defending written works and passing other procedures of boundary or final control of knowledge;
  • provide someone else's work, issuing it as the results of their own work, when performing tests, abstracts, passing written exams (including web sources, the Internet, or other electronic sources);
  • missing classes or being late for them without a good reason;
  • during classes, use a cell phone, play games and listen to music using appropriate technology;
  • use drugs, alcoholic beverages, both on campus and outside of school.

ZhezU student is obliged to:

  • observe political correctness when carrying out activities on the territory of the university or at events held on behalf of the university;
  • observe the norms of student ethics and the rules of business conduct in dealing with other students;
  • show tolerance and respect for the customs and traditions of other nations, take into account the cultural and other characteristics of various ethnic, social groups and religious denominations;
  • take care of the safety of the university property and prevent manifestations of vandalism.

A student of ZhezU, living in a hostel, must maintain an atmosphere of good neighborliness, avoid conflicts with other residents and the administration; take care of maintaining a high academic culture, an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in the community, strive to resolve emerging conflicts in a peaceful way, and prevent the use of violence against other students.

ZhezU students have the right to participate in the analysis of situations related to violations of the provisions of this Code. Student self-government bodies in institutions, at their discretion, have the right to apply moral penalties to violators of the provisions of this Code, such as: issuing a public censure, temporary deprivation of the right to participate in the activities of student self-government. The question of the application of such penalties by student self-government bodies in each institute is decided independently.

arrow ZhezU Code of Academic Integrity

arrow Code of honor for students and undergraduates of ZhezU

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