Abdikamalova Zhibek Shalabayevna


Contact Information:

Address: 100600, Zhezkazgan, Alashakhan ave.,

1B (building A), 307 office

Tel.: 8 (7102) 410-136

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The purpose of the training and methodological center:

Organization of the educational and methodological process for training highly qualified specialists and management of educational and methodological support aimed at improving the quality of educational services and activities of the university for further growth of the competitiveness of ZHEZU, implementation of the university's policy and goals, and the goals of the educational and methodological center in the field of quality.

The UMC implements this goal by performing the following functions:

  • implementation of the quality policy and objectives of ZHEZU;
  • meeting the requirements of the quality management system of ZHEZU;
  • implementation of quality Management Center goals;
  • implementation of the life cycle stages of educational services;
  • organizational and managerial support.
  • monitoring, measurement, analysis and continuous improvement of educational services and processes of UCC activities.

The UCC implements its goals by performing the following tasks:

  • planning, organization, methodological support and control of the educational process;
  • quality control of classes and practical training of students;
  • implementation of decisions of the Academic Council and recommendations of the university's teaching and methodological Council on the specialties assigned to the university;
  • coordination of work of departments and departments on organizational, technical, methodological and informational support of the educational process.

Functional responsibilities:

  • ensuring the quality of processes and educational services in accordance with the requirements of QMS documents;
  • ensuring the functioning of the QMS in the UMC:
  • organization and control over the development of working curricula, control over their implementation;
  • control over the timely preparation of orders on the appointment of chairmen, members of the AC for passing final comprehensive exams and defending theses (projects);
  • control over the timely submission of AK reports on the release of specialists and translated GE on the Modern History of Kazakhstan;
  • writing out their own diplomas;
  • control over the production of blank documentation for departments;
  • coordination of UCC activities with departments, UCS and university departments;
  • coordination of students ' submissions for transfer, reinstatement, academic leave, student expulsions, and individual study schedules;
  • organization of work on preparation for the publication of textbooks, UMS;
  • monitoring the methodological work of departments, identifying shortcomings, developing recommendations for their elimination;
  • control over the correctness of calculating the academic load of departments;
  • providing the educational process together with the library with textbooks and teaching aids;
  • generalization of information about the performance of the teaching load by university teachers;
  • compliance with QMS standards;
  • development and implementation of new educational technologies;
  • cooperation with other universities to exchange experience in educational technologies;
  • personal responsibility for the performance of tasks and functions assigned to the department;
  • ensuring optimal interaction of the center with other structural divisions;
  • preparation of reporting documents and current operational information for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • safety of equipment and inventory assigned to the UCC­, accounting and storage of UCC documentation.

List of employees:

planning specialist

Tashimova M.Zh.

office management specialist

  Orazbaeva A.O.

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